Simon Yuill is an artist, writer and programmer based in Glasgow. His work includes the use of interview and research processes, film, publishing, and custom software systems. He was the inaugural winner of the Vilém Flusser Theory Award (Berlin, 2008), has been a Research Resident at the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, 2005), an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow with the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Warwick (2013), and is currently an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow with the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College (London).



A collection of interviews recorded in the Hebrides and the North East of Scotland, with others in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London. The material was initiated from an enquiry into current forms of self-organised production in rural Scotland, the relationship of these to law and nature, and the various localised, often informal, forms of governance and social structure within which these exist.

New Common2010-ongoing

A series of studies of actual-existing commons systems in England and Scotland and their relation to other forms of social infrastructure, such as the welfare state or non-state mutualist organisation.

Given To The People 2008-2010

A history of the Pollok Free State, a road protest camp on the outskirts of Glasgow that became an autonomous community with its own passport and free university.

objscrs 2007-2012

Software for improvised physical performance. Developed in collaboration with the members of Constant VZW and Mangrove-Tentactile in Brussels.

FSF: Free Social Foundations 2008

Explores the current condition of spaces of free and open assembly in our cities, relating those spaces created by the public themselves to those created for public use.

spring_alpha 2004-2009

A project with Chad McCail that combined practices from gaming, live-coding, and the Exploded School system proposed by Colin Ward.

os_anm 2003 listing

A lo-resolution pixel animation tool. Produced as part of Slateford, codework collective, with Tryggve Askildsen.


All Problems of Notation Will be Solved by the Masses 2008

Published in A. Mansoux, M. de Valk, eds., FLOSS+Art, London: MUTE and GOTO10.

Download: PDF

CVS 2008

Published in M. Fuller, ed., Software Studies, A Lexicon, Massachusetts, MA: MIT Press.

Download: PDF

Interrupt 2008

Published in M. Fuller, ed., Software Studies, A Lexicon, Massachusetts, MA: MIT Press.

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Collaborative development: theory, method, tools 2007

Published in A. Mansoux, M. de Valk, eds., The Digital Artists Handbook,

Survival Scrapbooks 2006

Published by MUTE Magazine, as part of MUTE Public Library.

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Programming as Practice 2005

Published in J. Gibbons and K. Winwood, eds., Hothaus Papers: perspectives and paradigms in media arts, Birmingham: ARTicle Press.

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Code Art Brutalism 2004

Published in O. Goriunova and A. Shulgin, eds., READ_ME: Software Art and Cultures, Aarhus: Aarhus University Press.

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image building word: a study of the digital artefact 2002

PhD., Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee.

JODI: untitled-game 2001

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